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Coconut Oil has many different uses, some are suprising and others seem a little outrageous, but plausible. For my own use, I have been amazed at the difference Beautiful Coconut Oil is making in my life and helping my health condition, PCOS. Coconut Oil is responsible for making my life better, and calming the issues that have bothered me before my use of Coconut Oil. If you have PCOS you deserve to have a way of making your life better, and be able to improve the patterns that seem to effect many things that we as have become so conditioned around we do not realise we have options. There is so many ideas and noise around being healthy that we are letting ourselves get caught in the Pharma trap. The biggest favour you can do for yourself is define some guidelines that suit you. Something Natural and Healthy! Here we have the amazing options from the Tree of Life!

Dorothy Pilgrim – Beautiful Coconut Administrator and ” Good Oil Researcher/Test Dummy”.

6 伟大的秘诀日常使用美丽 椰子油


Coconut Oil keeps your hair shiny and your scalp healthy. Even baby with cradle cap will benefit from a little Coconut Oil carefully massaged into their scalp. 如果你正在寻找让你的整个家庭的头发在伟大的形状简单的成本效益的方法, 没有所有苛刻的化学品尝试优质椰子油.


保持你的皮肤在良好的形状与椰子油, 它软化和使皮肤看起来健康和发光. 有些肥皂与椰子油自然地也有一些美丽的椰子油护肤食谱在家里做了简单, saving you time and money, without all the harsh and dangerous additives. Use to shave your legs. 帮助牛皮癣和摇篮帽. 轻轻旅游, 使用椰子油作为除臭剂.


美丽的椰子油是优秀的烹饪和烘焙, 它能够承受刻录前更高的温度. 它具有保质期长,通常是无味 (增强你的食物的味道). 椰子油是低热量,拥有更健康的脂肪含量比其他油类. 这使得对健康意识的厨师一个安全的选择. Experts say metabolism increases and the health benefits are many. 尝试一些椰子油, 如果你是短的想法, 留意我们的电子书即将上市.


Using Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling, or cleaning your teeth, 是优秀的口腔卫生特别是牙龈健康. 牙医似乎积极考虑积极影响. 油后的拉 20 最大分钟或者只要你能管理, 不要咽下, 你会发现油已经变白了你的嘴. 吐出其中可以容易地设置的 not 下水槽. 清洁你的牙齿按照你平时的方式, 发现不同.


Coconut oil has been used to help treat arthritis, diabetes, crohn’s disease, thyroid issues, irritable bowel syndrome and heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s’ which some studies say could be a type of diabetes around the brain. Talk to your Health Care Professional. 椰子油可帮助治疗头虱, scabies (牛至混合oiland一滴丁香油), and psoriasis. 其他皮肤疾病和指甲也大有裨益.


如果你的宠物有皮肤或口腔疾病或关节炎, 问问你的兽医顾问约增加一点点他们的食物. 你应该奖励他们的外套一个不错的光泽,将有助于加强老犬能源. 你注意到一个变化之前,这可能需要数天至数周.


Sustainability here is also key…Use some Beautiful Jars you already have. One for the bathroom, one for the kitchen and one for the bedroom and keep the bulk bucket in a nice cool place to keep topping up, it will last for months.

According to research the best type of Coconut Oils or other natural products you are ingesting or putting on your skin are the ones extracted in the most effective way possible so as not to ruin or change the products natural balance which cooking and heating does. This includes Honey and Aloe Vera Products and other natural oils such as Lavender.
Coconut Oil is no different. The benefit of using a Cold Pressed Processing Method will not destroy the amazing properties in the Product

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在你的左边是一个简短的视频使用椰子油作为一种头发修复和保湿和一些提示,以帮助保持简单. Have a shower cap ready. (他们说,你永远不应该与动物和儿童工作中的电影…我可以添加浴帽到?) Prepare to pamper your hair for a few hours or even over night if possible. 点击这里找油…


在你的左边是一个简短的视频准备椰子油护肤磨砂完成一些提示,以帮助保持简单. ( 我本来没这让我在印度尼西亚可爱的朋友, 但想到我会与你分享过). I prepare a skin scrub and explain the reasons for using different grainy bits as some can be a little harsh. 点击这里找油…


在你的左边是一个简短的视频上我怎么办抽油…Not so elegant… (和完全重合了视频按钮战略地位在我的嘴).这样做的目的是给你的信心正前方去试试吧, 因为有你一般的整体健康和口腔卫生诸多好处. 点击此处查看油…


I have been using Coconut Oil on my head now for a week on the Recommendation of Dorothy, as a good friend I found her advice helpful and am pleased to report the Coconut Oil is making a big difference to my dry scalp problems

Coconut LoverOutdoor Explorer and World Traveller

Very Early this year I was very concerned because my toe nails were going all weird and I was embarrased to wear sandals. The only thing I have changed is eating 4 Tablespoons of Coconut oil and using it on my skin. My toenails are back to looking lovely and my fingernails have improved heaps as well

Happy FeetSalad Princess

What would this site be if I did not put my own Testimonial in for the very thing I love so much. I have PCOS this means high risk heart disease high risk stroke high blood pressure mood swings and hormonal imbalance just to name a few. Coconut Oil has helped me in many ways and I am noticing the difference across my life generally. Thank You Universe for Coconut Oil.

Dorothy PPhotographer Nature Lover



现在抢杰克卡尼斯预订 – 找出为什么越来越多的人都选择椰子油作为其 优选的油…在厨房, 浴室, 皮肤护理, 头发护理, 口腔护理, 婴儿护理, Pet Care &… 许多体验 对健康有益

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Making a careful decision to mind what I am using, and knowing everything we eat and put on our skin soaks into our blood stream I love Natural Products, after all that is what the Universe has them here for, not to create poisonous concoctions that damage us and our environment. Beautiful Coconut ticks all the boxes for me and I know I can be confident in using it.

Dorothy PilgrimGood Oil Researcher / Coconut Specialist

更多关于我…Watching my videos you will discover I am passionate about the amazing and many benefits of Beautiful Coconut Oil. I love trying new ideas and ways of using it and most of all I enjoy sharing that experience with you

Dorothy PilgrimTest Dummy

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