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May as well lay it all on the table right here right now. For years I have wanted to write something about PCOS but never quite had the courage. For me this has always had a formulation mixed with embarassment, anger, and the wholewhy mething. For ever I thought I was the only one with this because no-one ever talked about Stein and Laventhals disease. That is what the condition of PCOS was called in Australia when I was first diagnosed. The acronym for PCOS is Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome.

I have decided to come clean about PCOS. In the last year I have made an important discovery, something that has been there all the time, but I just never really noticed, until recently! I was doing more research on Coconut Oil. Oh! The penny dropped. I have experienced a great improvement in my feelings and condition, and now I can confirm that, from my own personal experience.

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Everything you read about PCOS or any othercondition”, authors say you must eat well. Yes this is true. However, the raging cravings and the must haves definitely overwhelm ideas for a beautiful fresh whole food meal. This is where Coconut Oil comes in. Once I started having Coconut Oil on my Breakfast or eating a couple of Spoonfuls everyday it made all the difference to my cravings for sugary sweet or fatty food. Therefore allowing me to feel much better about the beautiful fresh food I now appreciate with every loving fork or spoon full and without feeling the need to eat continuously.
The other important finding to do with what goes in my mouth, is ensuring I stay well hydrated. One of the ways I do this is to consume Coconut Water. It does a couple of things it helps keep you hydrated better than any sports drink on the market. The benefits far outweight any so called tasty rubbish. Do yourself a favour and start creating tasty salads and vegetables by adding some fresh herbs rather than other packaged type products. When you consume sugary or other fillers your body has a reaction. It usually heightens your blood pressure and makes you PCOS worse.


This is always contentious. How much exercise is ever enough? After talking with a number of people and experts over the years, and my own personal experience it seems that no amount exercise is enough. A body with PCOS present, seems to have a blocker in place when it comes to loosing fat. I have found a great way to exercise is a new idea I have seen recommended of late. This secret is to get your heart rate up, do 60 seconds of fast exercise with 90 seconds rest. I do this daily and it keeps me feeling great. (Just doing something is better than nothing).

Coconut Water is my preferred recovery drink. I feel much better and drink an average of 250ml per day. More of course with lots of water when I am doing a big day walking or other type of exercise or physical work. Add a little lemon to water if you find it a little boring. Remember sugary drink and diet drinks are making your condition worse. Stick with Water and Coconut Water to stay fully hydrated.

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No matter what. No matter the symptoms. No matter the misunderstandings of those around you. YOU are beautiful! Never forget that. The only reason that cannot be true is if you are mean spirited.

Perhaps you ( yes, it happened to me ) have experienced bullying or comments about our PCOS side effects like our weight, mood, childlessness and other things we would prefer not to bepointed outas if for some reason we do not already know. Most people have no intention ofhurtingyou. It is just that they have a condition calledfoot in mouth disease”. That said. The most important thing for you to do is to take time for you. Get enough sleep.

Look upon the nice fresh salad as a blessing. Rewire your thinking about the things youthinkare bad. Yes some things are bad and at times when the depression gets you, or it is a painful day, remember to be grateful for your blessings. If you are finding it hard to figure out what your blessings are…. start with.. You woke up breathing today. Sorry, I cannot be anymore blunt than that. Remember, as a beautiful lady told me one day who had so many unbelievable and sad challenges in her life… “I always remember there is someone worse off than me”.

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The benefits will show quite quickly, perhaps within a couple of days for skin, dan sekitar beberapa minggu untuk kuku. Yang benar-benar akan tergantung pada apa situasi dan bagaimana makanan tertentu sedang tampak setelah cara lain juga.

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